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Tania Katz


tania katz


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Tania began pursuing a solo career in 2013: she sings and performs in several styles, including rock, jazz, and folk. Her performances are generally delivered with melancholy, ambient, and avant-garde undertones.

She is currently a member of several original projects, including: Doors That Don’t, where she plays synth and sings alongside Dave Devine on guitar; Big Dirty Horse, singing alongside Mina Bradley-Belcaid and Emily Hale, and often joined by multi-instrumentalist Aaron Burris-Deboskey; Witches & Science, a collective project featuring several rotating Denver musicians, lead by Aaron Burris-Deboskey; and a duo project featuring herself and multi-instrumentalist Kris Becker.

Tania’s past projects include five-piece freak-folk band, The Marrow, three-piece art-rock band, Taeogi, and six-piece avant-garde rock band, “Freaky North.” She has performed and/or recorded with fantastic musicians such as Dave DevineGreg Garrison, Sean King and other members of DevotchkaChris PandolfiAdam Bartczak RepublicJoseph Lamar, and Moon Atomizer.



upcoming shows


May 18 Witches and Science

The Savoy at Curtis Park

May 31 Kris Becker and Tania Katz

The Mercury Café

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"Underwater Canyon" on album INTERFERENCE